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seedsman seed bank review

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Ordered 6 large orders, received every single one of them, packaging is discrete and very stealthy, you get extra freebies and large discounts via bitcoin, i highly recommend using bitcoin on this site. I had an error with one of my orders and reached out to support, spoke with the owner of seedsman, he hooked me up with 3 packs of 5 seeds of my choice. Now how can you go wrong with that, best seedbank experience i have ever had. i highly recommend, great customer service, fast shipping, stealthy packaging, great prices, whats not to love about seedsman. Their best promo is during Halloween so i highly recommend you have a list ready and choose your freebies fast because stock runs out quick. I will never go anywhere else.

I have ordered exclusively from seedsman for a few years.they carry great seeds from great breeders and post fast. never had an issue. they are a European Seedbank. they post from the EU. if you are from outside Europe, it will take a long time to deliver your package. It say it right there on the website. some people can’t read.

So i would have orginally given them a 3 out of 10, because out of 20 seeds i purchased from Anesia breeder most of the seeds were white to green in color and only 3 sprouted. However than i realized in my thinking that they only disperse them they are not actually packaging them. With that said i emailed seedsman about my issues with the seeds i had gotten from them and they immediately same day sent me a response telling me to pick out equal value for 18 more seeds. So i told them what i wanted and they quickly got them out to me and both shipments made it here and no damage. So they back up the products that they sell which was nice change of pace. They also sent me 20 free seeds the 1st time amd of those 20 10 were from Royal Queen Seeds.

guest Australia, November 2019

Shop of the Seedsman Ltd., but they also sell seeds who are made by many other breeders.

Very quick delivery and seeds in breeders pack

After their new system changed for this country all was good. Then all of a sudden they are in chaos. Last ordered was cancelled and then they redid and I let them pick the new order, still took 6 weeks to be delivered and I was short changed from what I paid for originally. Then I watch a YouTube video with some scammer on there getting a care package from them , just to push to an advertiser how sweet they are. I’ve now ordered again and if they screw this up, I will not return again, there are other super seed banks out there that still ship quick and are eager to grow so be aware seedsman you can fall like a statue.

Ordered and received 5 Clinical White CBD Feminised Seeds. Of the 5, only 1 sprouted. Now 3 months later (I grow outdoor in 10 gal fabric pot) the one that sprouted turned out to be a male.

The overall website of this dispensary is eye-catching. You get straightforward options like View Feminized Seeds, View Autoflowering Seeds, and similar on the homepage itself. They even have a strain finder tool to help out when searching for a specific marijuana strain. This strain finds tool can search for marijuana strains by various filters like:

The customer support team at Seedsman is very helpful over the phone and even on emails. You can contact them through their Help page. Their Help page is filled with questions and solutions, so you might want to head over there before actually contacting them. If you don’t find a solution to your problems, you can go ahead and tell them your concerns, and they will surely help you out. They will answer your query within 48 hours , don’t worry, you are going to be in good hands.

History of Seedsman Seed Bank

Seedsman does not say that they offer a germination guarantee on every order. However, seeing the high reviews and praise from people would be safe to assume that the germination ratio is very high. If you live in a country where cannabis is legal, then they will do their best to solve your problems if the seeds do not germinate. You have to contact them within 90 days of the purchase, though. If you would like to store your seeds for later use, you can check out the Seedsman Free Guide on Seed Storage. They have laid out instructions on storing the seeds and keeping them fresh for use afterward.

There are a lot of payment options on Seedsman seed bank. You can pay by Bitcoin, Bank transfer, Wire transfer, Cash, Cheque, Money order, Credit and Debit Card, and other Cryptocurrencies. If your card payment gets fails, the Seedsman recommend one of the following modes of payment:

Both of these conditions are successfully met by the Seedsman Seed Bank. The fantastic website, their collection of different strains, and the promotional offers make it one of the best online seed banks ever! If you’re looking to dig deep into the reviews of Seedsman, read this post to know what they offer. Check it out and order some top-notch Seedsman seeds today!