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Q: What seed bank has the best genetics?

A: When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, making sure you get the best possible genetics is essential if you want to get the most out of your plant. A great way to make sure of this is to look at the reputation of the seed bank you are buying from because if anything is an indication of quality, it will satisfy customers. With this in mind, we have put together a list of the 10 best selling seed banks here chosen by growers for growers.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying cannabis seeds online in the US and the top quality seed banks to find them at.


When ordering, they will cover your marijuana seeds inside things like pens, T-shirts, toys, etc. If you are an order from the United States, it will take between 15 and 30 days for the seeds to reach you. You will need to pay $ 15 for delivery. If the order does not reach you, they will happily send someone else. One of the latest marijuana varieties they promote is Somango, White Widow, Sticky Zkittle Glue, Gorilla Glue, and Purple haze.

There are many cannabis seed banks today, but if you live in the United States you need to find a legitimate company to deliver to you. This is because federal legal guidelines prohibit the purchase of cannabis seeds for growing your plants, and cannabis seeds also cannot be shipped across state borders.

In the company, the experts develop marijuana seeds to obtain a germination percentage higher than 90%, and they go through exhaustive tests with manual tests, along with quality control elements.

The company does not have a free shipping policy, the least expensive delivery choice is around ten dollars However, there are 31 unique varieties to choose from, all with an excellent germination rate of 80% or more. If your seeds fail to germinate, the company will resend you new seeds.

QCS has a website that was specially designed for people with prior experience in cannabis seed growing, (at least that’s the impression you get). Their website has been up-and-running for 15 years or more now, however, the fact is that QCS has been supplying all of Canada (and even the rest of the world) with some pretty high-quality seeds for almost 20 years. There are a number of different types and strains available, including high-CBD, autoflowers, mixed packs, and feminized, as well as outdoor, regular, and even some limited edition seeds. You can also submit a request for in-depth info about any other strains that you’re interested in. You’ll receive it in a format much like eBay product descriptions complete with bullet points. This may not be the world’s most sophisticated online cannabis seed bank but it’ll do the job if you know what you’re actually looking for. And, for all deliveries, they use very discreet stealth shipping. The only problem is that but they only offer a vague delivery window for the ETA of the product shipment.

One of the best things about this company is the “five-crown” rating system. It’s quite similar to a “five-star” rating system and is controlled by a variety of user reviews that are unbiased, making it an excellent way for trying new strains with recommendations from other Crop King customers.

One fun thing about their website is the quiz that asks “What marijuana strain are you?”. It helps customers to discover the MSNL seeds based upon specific growing conditions, weed preference, and what you’re expecting from the finished buds. At the end, you’ll have four weed seed options chosen for fitting with your climate, growing skills, and personality. This feature is nice for newbie growers.

“Stealth Shipping”

The more likely scenario would be that your seeds wouldn’t even be found. If they were, customs would probably just throw them out and then proceed by sending you a very official-looking letter that simply says that they were confiscated. And, that would be that.



However, if you’re having seeds shipped from a foreign country to the US and worry about the possibility of interception, many of the best seed banks online are offering what is called “stealth shipping”. This is basically just a very discreet shipping method where the weed seeds are hidden within some other objects, like DVD cases, prior to shipping. This can help keep your package from being flagged as suspicious.


When Google for Jobs is finally introduced (which is not the case toward the end of 2019), the landscape will steadily change in the Netherlands. It is widely expected that, similar to what happened in the United Kingdom, its introduction will lead to a decrease in the Indeed domination. For LinkedIn, a medium still often used by recruiters, users searching for jobs are advised to create multi-lingual accounts, while signalling that you’re ‘open’ for offers.

De Nationale Vacaturebank comes in at the third spot, as best of the rest with a 23% share. (known as in other areas of the world) has a 15% share, which makes them the fourth most-popular job site. Randstad, which acquired Monster worldwide in 2016, is listed in ninth. However, Randstad is by far the most-popular intermediary in the country; mainly for temp work, but also with its separate brand Yacht, for white-collar workers.

Top 25 sites for active job-seekers in the Netherlands

Jobboard, coming in at 5th place, is the official job board of the Dutch Government. The site is mainly used by the unemployed and people on benefits. Their vacancies are commonly not of the highest standard. Those seeking jobs in the Netherlands from abroad are better off using other websites.

Recent research by Intelligence Group shows that job sites are the most-used channels when searching for a new job. That makes job sites a more popular method than using own networks, Google or social media. Since they are so popular, we have delved into the world of job sites and accumulated a top 25 for you. is the current market-leader within the Dutch labour market: more than half of active job-seekers (54%) uses the platform, followed bij LinkedIn (26%). Whereas Indeed is used by all types of education and experience levels, LinkedIn (despite just under 8 million Dutch profiles) is predominantly used by white-collar workers (Bachelor/Master level).