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where can i buy marijuana seeds in oregon

Exotic aromatics like Compound’s Purple Apricot —a delicious citrus treat—have been making their way to Oregon dispensaries in flower form over the last year, and from what we’ve seen, we’d be proud to run Compound’s gear in our tents.

Growing cannabis is a lot of fun, and if you wish to break free and try your hand at cultivation, a number of breeders are doing the work to make world-class genetics available in seed form through Oregon’s dispensaries.

The third-generation Oregonian cannabis growers behind Massive Seeds have farmed the same plot of land in the Rogue Valley since 1975. The operation is full-sun, native soil, and reliant on living organics.

Dynasty Genetics

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Lemon Pineapple, bred by Massive Seeds and grown by Roganja . (Matt Stangel for Leafly)

(Matt Stangel for Leafly)

Buy it now: Satchel in Portland

Not only will your cannabis seeds develop into more robust plants, but they also tend to be healthier plants as well. Thanks to their more advanced root system, a cannabis plant generated from seed will absorb a higher rate of nutrients from the soil than roots from a clone. Thanks to this healthy development, you can expect healthier yields, and this is especially relevant if you are seeking specific strains that are genetically inclined to have higher than average yields.

This strain is a stunner, that’s for sure. With mature buds frosting out with dank candy grape colored buds, this pretty purple plant packs a punch. As you can expect, Purple Punch tastes of grape-flavored candy and promotes a more indica approach. You can expect a relaxing experience, perfect for mellow evenings after work.

Purchase Quality Oregon Marijuana Seeds Online

Why is investing your money in seeds better than clones?

Oregon became one of the first states to legalize the use of recreational marijuana in 2015. And if you are a registered medical marijuana user, you can legally grow your cannabis plants in your own backyard (or inside, whatever works best really). According to Oregon state law, registered medical cannabis patients are legally allowed to cultivate as many as 12 cannabis plants in an urban area. But if you are a registered MM user and live in a rural environment, then you are allowed to grow up to 48 cannabis plants. In addition to that, as an Oregon citizen, you are permitted to purchase up to 50 cannabis seeds per day. To get the information directly from the Government please visit the Oregon Government Recreational Marijuana Personal Use Guidelines .

Taproots only grow from seeds, and will not develop from clones. The taproots are excellent stabilizers as they are able to anchor the plant into the soil. The result is a sturdier plant that can withstand more than your average clone.

The highest point in Oregon is Mount Hood, which is also one of the best national parks in the state. Mount Hood is an active volcano and the last activity occurred in 1907. This volcano offers many tourist activities, from tours to skiing and snowboarding. Oregon is also home to the world’s single largest organism in the world, the Armillaria Ostoyae, which is an impressively large fungus, that runs beneath 2,200 acres of the mesmerizing Malheur National Forest.

Marijuana seeds are perfectly legal in this green state. You can grow up to 4 plants and own 10 seeds but any more than this can result in confiscation. Check us out and order online today through, as we are a trusted and respectable website, with all of the growing information you need to grow your own incredible weed in Oregon.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Oregon?

Oregon is geographically diverse, and when exploring, you can find active volcanoes, breathtaking lakes and rivers, fabulous dense evergreen forests, high deserts, and even shrublands. The coastline is amazing for storm watching and surfing. Whatever adventure you decide to partake in, know that you will be in awe with all that Oregon has to offer.

Indigenous nations have settled in what we know now as Portland for thousands of years, and the people truly knew how to utilize this incredible place for ultimate growth potential for crops, thanks to its fertile soil. Explorers and settlers started to find this jewel state in the early 1500s, and in 1843, became an autonomous government making it the 33rd state of America. Oregon has grown impressively and is now home to 4 million people, making it the 27th largest population in the US.

There are many reasons while residents of Oregon will tell you it is the best state in America. Beer lovers enjoy the fact that Portland has more breweries than any other city in the world. Oregonians may disagree about which craft beer is the best, but one thing they can agree on is that Oregon is hands down the best state. The folks who live in Oregon appreciate the abundance of natural beauty and breathtaking views. A stunning example of the natural beauty Oregon has to offer is Multnomah Falls. It is Oregon’s tallest waterfall and the second tallest year-round waterfall in all of the nation. Probably the best part about this state is how much its residents enjoy their marijuana! Indulging in some dank weed that was harvested from plants you grew is totally legal here. What a way to send you off on your glorious day. If you want to find out more on how to grow and buy your seeds, check out for more today.