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where to buy kings seeds

Delivery can take up to 14-21 working days.

You can now order seeds via our website at anytime and over the phone from Monday to Friday 9am t

Kings have been following that process for over a hundred years. On our farm of some 300 acres, we have been selecting and maintaining seed stocks longer than most. We are now unique in that Kings is the last surviving wholesale horticultural seed merchant in the country.

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Essex has been the centre of English seed production for many centuries. Its climate and rainfall are ideal for raising plants and taking them through the growing cycle to obtain the highest quality of seed.

Although some agreement has been reached between the UK and EU regarding import/export requiremen

Click Here for the excel file to collate large orders- to be updated for 21/22.

National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Ltd

Ordering on-line

Individual and life member orders

Society Orders – Simply collect all the green order forms and payment from your members, collate the data and enter on the summary sheet. Send all the forms along with the top three copies of the summary sheet and payment to Kings. Please include the £1.30 per head fee for individual packing.

Seeds and sundries £2
Fruit or potatoes incur an additional £3.50
Fruits and potatoes are sent separate from seeds.

We are doing our absolute utmost to get orders processed as quickly as possible with most staff working late evenings and weekends to get orders picked, packed and sent out.

Along with the situation with COVID and keeping our staff safe which is our highest priority. The restrictions with social distancing have meant we are unable to bring in any more staff to deal with the extra workload, which is what we would normally do.

I still cant login my account Forgot password will not accept any change (My ref no 151537 your Ref no 450803 so I cant send my email address to customer service Placed order for seeds (£100. +) in December 2020 part order came early January 2021.only 1 item was marked to follow, sent email of delivered items and had automated message back in seconds.
Since the then nothing and no way of contacting them as they changed they web site so you cant log on to email. I will have cut loses

Wrong order

I personally have grown Kings seeds for years, bought locally from a local plant nursery or from the company website and have always had excellent germination and results. Occasionally if an item was out of stock I have been supplied with an appropriate replacement. You also get a decent amount of seed in my experience.

We are also experiencing staff members having to isolate more now which again leaves us short for intermittent periods.


2nd time of posting my previous one 6 days ago was answered but still haven't received the out standing blueberry bush and now that it takes two weeks for an email to be answered and the phone lines are on limited time perhaps you would have the decency to sort this out promptly. You gladly took my money but have not delivered and whilst I understand you may be experiencing problems at the very least you can still email customers. As you can reply to negative reviews in a matter of minutes